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Laurinburg: (910) 277-0837
Rockingham: (910) 895-8393
Canady's Termite & Pest Control - Pest Control Services | Laurinburg, NC

Canady’s Termite & Pest Control

Serving the Laurinburg community and surrounding areas with full-service pest control since 1976.

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Canady’s Termite & Pest Control

Serving the Laurinburg community and surrounding areas with full-service pest control since 1976.

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Canady’s Termite & Pest Control

With Canady’s, you’re not simply hiring an exterminator, you’re investing in a partnership. Allow our business to partner with you to expel the threat of pests in your home or business—because the best kind of life is pest-free.


We are locally owned and operated

Proudly serving the Laurinburg community and surrounding areas since 1976, Canady’s Termite & Pest Control is committed to full-service termite and pest elimination. We’re proud to be a leader at the forefront of the industry, and our trained technicians will quickly evaluate and eliminate your pest control issue at its source.


As a locally owned and operated business, we highly value relationships with our clients—and our staff members are incredibly courteous and flexible.


We’ll gladly work around your busy schedule because we believe that our clients are our top priority.

  • Proudly serving the Laurinburg community
  • We value relationships with our clients
  • We work around your busy schedule

Moisture Control

Venting a crawl space during air conditioning season allows the migration of hot, humid outside air into the cooler environment inside the crawl space.

Mosquito Control

Using integrated pest management and cutting-edge mosquito elimination tools, we ensure that you are getting the most use out of your outdoor space.

Termite Control

Each building is different, so we create a customized pest management plan to fit your specific needs. We treat pre and post construction.

  • ant


    As they come marching 2 by 2, ants spread germs and contaminate food, making it necessary to remove them.

  • insect

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs not only bite as you sleep, they also spread out over your whole house, making them very difficult to remove.

  • spider


    While not usually harmful to humans, spiders can become a pest in larger numbers—and some varieties are venomous. 

  • bee


    Bees are important for the environment, but when they're too close to your environment, they can be a pest.

  • cockroach


    No one likes roaches, especially in your home! These nasty pests need to go as soon as you see one!

  • wasp


    Wasps are no fun when they're angry, which is more likely when they nest in or near your home.

  • flea

    Ticks & Fleas

    Ticks and fleas, apart from being a nuisance for you and your pets, can spread disease when they feast on their host.

  • rat

    General Pest Control

    Whether you have a specific problem or you'd like to prevent a problem from arising, we can take care of any unwanted house guests. 

We Believe in Safety First

While certain chemicals can be harmful to the environment, we rely on chemical treatment as the last line of defense for your home. Canady’s relies on sanitation, pest exclusion, trapping and monitoring, and other forms of non-chemical control before chemical methods are considered. This approach involves evaluating the “big picture” while looking at all aspects of the pest management program. Canady’s emphasis on integrated pest management (IPM) ensures that maximum control is achieved with safety and efficiency.


Why Choose Us

We've been providing expert pest control services to our very own Laurinburg community since 1976.

  • location
    We're Local

    Partnering with a local pest control company grants a higher level of customer service. Our technicians will happily work around your schedule, providing you with top quality pest control.

  • estimate
    FREE Estimates

    That’s right! We offer a completely free service estimate. Our staff is highly accessible and accommodating, and we’ll help you develop a pest management plan that’s right for your home.

  • contract
    No Contracts

    We believe in what we do, and our team doesn’t lock you into any required contractual agreements. Here at Canady’s, we let our work speak for itself.

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